The height of a person depends upon many factors that encompasses, nutrition and diet, genetic makeup, medical condition and the secretions from pituiry glands. The most important role in determining height of a person is played by human growth hormone. This hormone has a significant impact upon the growth and height determination of a person. Another important factor is the growth plates. The opening or closing of growth plates effect the height of an individual. Still there are ways for how to get taller naturally if you want to attain one to two inches in height.

What should be eaten?

If you are determined to increase height and have passed your puberty, then there is a lesser chance to increase height. However, a balanced diet and stretching exercises may help to add an inch or two in your height. Which tends to be a realistic approach. In order to increase height, it is important to follow a healthy and well balanced diet that is enriched with proteins, fibers, calcium and minerals. Food that contains high amount of carbohydrates or sugar component shall be avoided at any cost.

Role of sleeping in height increase

Human height mainly depends upon the production of growth hormones. These growth hormones tend to release during the first two hours when a person is sleeping. It is medically recommended to take 8 hours of sound sleep. Sleeping for 8 hours on your back without having a pillow under the head is also beneficial for an individual who is looking to gain height.

Before going to the bed, taking a hot shower also promotes the growth of melatonin and growth hormones production. This is the reason, that some people even gets tall after passing through puberty stage. In some people, the growth plates remain open even after a person passes their teen age. So there is an offset that you can be the lucky one.

Regular exercises help in stretching the body

Those people who perform exercises or go to gym on a regular basis have proved to be stronger bodies and muscles. Some people joins the gym when they are in their teenage. During this age the height growth hormone and growth plates both are active and prone to increase height. It is better to advice your kids to do workout and exercises while they are in their teenage. Hanging with monkey bars, doing rope skipping and swimming also tend to have a positive impact on the height increase of an individual. All these are different kinds of exercises that helps the body to stretch and open up more.


Sometimes excessive increase in height results in an abnormal height growth. This condition is referred to as gigantism. There are many people around the world who are affected by this medical illness. Generally, parents think that if their kid is getting taller that is probably due to healthy diet or his genetic makeup. But an abnormal increase in height may refer towards the excessive secretion of pituitary gland that effects the body and organs of a person. It is important to refer to the doctor if someone gets effected by it.