Elo boost is very famous in many countries. However the quality of the product depends on the company offering it. You must see good reputation of the company before purchasing the product.

Offers by the company

  1. The service is used to improve your ranked games and this the main reason you pay a handsome amount of the money for the services. The company assigns you a user name and password and then the company plays on your account. The company has a huge number of players who are in diamond league stage. They play on your account to increase the speed and quality that you need for your order.
  2. The company assures you that your account will be secure throughout the time of your contract with them. The security is made through giving you by an application programmed by the company’s developer which helps the booster to access you account for playing purpose.
  3. The booster cannot access your IP and RP as the company blocks it for them. The company gave many players the access to your account for completing the task as quick as it could be.
  4. The customer can avail the option of choosing roles and champion it wanted the booster to play on. You can use smurf account to watch the games that are performed by the booster. The company also offers the option to the customer to chat with an administrator or the booster through company’s give platform.
  5. If the customer is facing any kind of difficulty such as problem in functioning of the booster, then she/e can contact the company by access the contact form.
  6. The booster will face punishment if she/he who is playing on your account got reported and you got banned. You will get RP compensate for the ban of games. There is no 100 % guarantee of protection by the company for the customer of not being banned. The company is not responsible for any kind of act against your protection.
  7. There are times you will see that there are no games being played on your account. You do not have to worry, but it is your responsibility to inform the administration of the company about the action.
  8. It will take 23 hours that you will start working on your expected division. The size of the order and current amount of orders play an important role in determining it. The customer has the option to play on her/his account while the company is working on it. You can do this by pause the order.