Games play an important role in people’s life. There are millions of online games available that relieve emotions of an individual and help him to interact with the other people around. Counter Strike:Global Offense is one such game that is played by many people around. This is the world of fighting where people enter with many adventures. Apart from adventures, players are concerned about its boosting. Boosting of certain is a very difficult task. Counter Strike:Global Offense is one such complex game that is very hard to boost up. Each individual is in the run of getting high in the rank and they know that their ranking depends entirely on their skills. There are certain factors that affect the rank and csgo boosting.  These factors would be discussed in the underlying article.

  • Present ELO points

If an individual has a higher rank than the opponent, then there is a high chance of his winning the entire game. Basically, the current rank predicts the chance of winning against the opponent.

  • Round Win/Lose

Winning is crucial for boosting up the game and there are certain cases that make the player ranked up or de-ranked after a draw. Therefore, there is a chance for every individual to win or lose, as it is counted again for the next round. So, a player should try to win even if he is at the edge of losing. Basically, the ranking points depend entirely on the current rank of a player and the opponent.

  • Most Valuable Player (MVP)

MVP is the most prestigious player of the game. If an individual wants to rank-up instantly and boost up the game, then he should take the bomb and defuse, try his hard to become the Most Valuable Player of the team. An individual who qualifies for the MVP is rewarded a large amount of score than the other players of the team.

  • Overall matches won

The crux of ranking is that the more matches an individual won, the slower he would rank up in the game. For instance, an individual with 10 wins is able to rank high faster than the other player with 50 wins.

The hardest thing in online games is csgo boosting but once, a player learned about the particular strategies of boosting, he would lie among the highest scorers of the game. These above factors thoroughly affect the ranking of the game and a player should consider these factors while playing.