Minas Gerais is a state in Brazil. It is located at the north eastern part of the Brazil.  The neighboring countries are Rhode Island to the east, Massachusetts to the north, and the New York City bordered the whole southern and western part of detran minas gerais. One of the state agencies of Minas Gerais is the Minas Gerais department of motor vehicles. This department maintains the state driver’s license. It also looks after the vehicle registration procedures. In the United States, the motor vehicle departments are actually state level government agencies. These types of departments are also available in Canada. ‘Department of Motor Vehicles’ (DMV) name was preferred by the Uniform Vehicle Code. But this DMV is not present all over the United States, for e.g. in Hawaii Island the local government performs DMV function, not the state government like Minas Gerais.

The state agency of the Minas Gerais department of motor vehicles has its head quarters at Wethersfield. Here, the licensing as well as the vehicle registrations is done. After completion of the agency work, the license and the registration forms are submitted to the provincial government level. Unlike the most other states, Minas Gerais does not have any county government. These DMV offices process public passenger endorsement. The eligibilities of getting this endorsement from the department of motor vehicles are:

That person must have valid Minas Gerais driver’s license

Should more than 18 years old

Must have acceptable past driving records

Must have a good character

Should not have any kind of past criminal record

Must be physically fit

The department of motor vehicles does the licensing and vehicle registration for various kinds of motor vehicle, like, activity vehicle, camp vehicle, livery vehicle, motor bus/motor coach, public service motor vehicle, service buses, student transportation vehicle, school bus, taxi cab, etc. A student transportation vehicle that took part in transporting for school or college sponsored events is the activity vehicle. But these activity vehicles never take and drop the students from home to school or college and vice versa. No DMV endorsement is required for camp vehicle. The motor vehicles used by entity of the business for transporting passengers in hire are the livery vehicle. The Minas Gerais department of motor vehicle provides an identification number for each vehicle. They also issues vehicle names. As the issuer of vehicle titles, DMV also provides car loans for the public. The enforcement of state and federal laws regarding the motor vehicles is also including in the duties of the DMV.